Krali Marko’s Step above the village of Godlevo


At 7 km from the village of Godlevo and along the Haidushka Path, one can […]

Gergeva rock – Razhdavets


At about 2 km from the village of Bachevo stands the nature phenomenon of Gergeva […]

Rila National Park


Rila National Park is the biggest national park of Bulgaria covering a vast territory of […]

Bayuvi Dupki – Dzhindzhiritsa biosphere reserve


The reserve of Bayuvi Dupki – Dzhindzhiritsa is located on the territory of Razlog Municipality […]

Predel saddle


Predel is the saddle or the pass that separates Rila from Pirin. The second-class II-19 […]

Pirin National park


The Pirin National Park is included in the UNESCO Convention on the World Heritage Sites.

The […]