The village of Gorno Draglishte is situated in the northern part of the Razlog Valley, at 13 km from the town of Razlog in the southern slopes of Rila Mountains that local people call Pripetsite (‘The Sunny Spot’). The first written document of the village comes from the distant 1576 when it was called the Rich Draglishte – showing the wealth of local farmers.

The church of Vavedenie Bogorodichno is to be seen on the highest spot of Gorno Draglishte. It was built in 1835; burned and restored several times. Due to its location, the impressive silhouette of the church dominates the whole vicinity. The village has also its still operating water mill.

Above Gorno Draglishte, there is a system of eco-trails, and the visitors can choose between the local hotel and the two guesthouses. The village is surrounded by sanctuaries. At its entrance stands the chapel of Sveti Nikolay Chudotvorets, while the Sveta Bogoroditsa Chapel is to be found on the nearby hill bearing the same name.