The village of Bachevo is located 6 km north of Razlog, in the southern slopes of Rila Mountain. It is a spa and climatic resort of local importance. Northeast of the village flows the river of Sedrach going then into Glazne River to the north of Banya Village. Bachevo hosts four horse ranches and an adventure house.

The most popular event is the holiday of Todorovden (the so-called ‘Horse Easter’) including a ritual ceremony of feeding horses and a traditional race (‘Kushia’). This is the holiday local people love and respect the most since the horse has been their most precious animal for centuries.

There is a mineral spring in Bachevo with a capacity of 2.4 l/sec and a temperature of 22°С. The water has extreme curative powers.

On August 15, a ritual meal is cooked and served at the village holiday, in the locality of Tsrakvishteto. On January 1, all people take part in the Kukeri manifestation.

The locality of Perivol is to be found 6 km north of Bachevo. Its name comes from old Persian and means ‘a beautiful view’.